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What is it?

The International Patient Summary is a minimal and non-exhaustive Patient Summary, specialty-agnostic, condition-independent, but readily usable by all clinicians for the unscheduled (cross-border) care of a patient.

International Patient Summary


This is the wiki hosting the Implementation Guide for the International Patient Summary, an HL7 project. An International Patient Summary contains the following data:

  • General information about the patient (e.g. name, birth date, gender)
  • A medical summary consisting of the most important clinical patient data (e.g. allergies, current medical problems, medical implants, or major surgical procedures during the last six months).
  • A list of the current medication including all prescribed medicines that the patient is currently taking.

Information about the Patient Summary itself e.g. when and by whom the Patient Summary was generated or updated. This data is also used for protocol and security purposes.

About Patient Summaries

A Patient Summary is a standardized set of basic medical data that includes the most important clinical facts required to ensure safe and secure healthcare.

This summarized version of the patient’s medical data gives health professionals the essential information they need to provide care in the case of an unexpected or unscheduled medical situation (e.g. emergency or accident).

Though this data is mainly intended to aid health professionals in providing unscheduled care, it can also be used to provide planned medical care (e.g. in the case of citizen movements or cross-organizational care paths).

The IPS Implementation Guide

Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

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